With the chaos Covid-19 brought, it has been a sink or swim moment for a lot of businesses – adjust or be flattened. Having my side hustle of The Grainery was a great distraction, but also another area of daily adjustment.

I thrived on getting inventory ready each season for my participation in one and only show: Junkstock. With the spring show being postponed, my shed was quiet. No layers of sawdust and no stain-filled rags tossed around. It was clean, and that is not me.

Luckily, Junkstock had their vendors’ backs and hosted their spring show virtually. A three-day festival hosted on Facebook. It was go time. I refined my website inventory and even posted items that I didn’t have in stock but could make. I spent time fine-tuning images and prices. The day came and Junkstock posted my information on their event page with many others and linked to my website at 9:00 am. By 11:00 am I had done 32 custom order quotes. I was getting a request about every three minutes via an online form through my website. Overload.

I adjusted. Created an email template where I could put in a few details for each request, added an image, and hit send. This went on for three days. From this I received 12 custom orders ranging from the small to haul-in-a-pickup big. It is now three weeks later, and I have finished them all. The sawdust is back, and my shed is a mess.

Junkstock took a physical business practice and made it online and available for everyone. They decided to swim and, through them, so did I.