Dear Heartland Marketing Group clients and friends,

We are all operating in a time of uncertainty and many questions. But as one HMG client said, looks like a great time to work hard and have the best possible go-forward strategy. We can only control our own actions and efforts. With that in consideration, I want to update you about Heartland Marketing and our current plans.

Our office plans to remain open since we have less than 10 people and have a lot of room to spread out. But we know many of our clients and friends are grounded from travel. That gives us an opportunity to serve you via phone, Zoom meeting or email. If you are grounded with children at home, don’t worry, we’re happy to talk to you any time. We are definitely used to small children, barking dogs and other background noise.


It seems the world is constantly changing with COVID-19. And yes, our world at Heartland Marketing Group is changing as well. We had planned to stay open but have decided to close our physical office and are all working from home. We want to assure you that we are working hard and projects are moving forward just from different locations!

We know keeping your families and yourselves healthy and safe is your number one priority. We agree! It’s also a great time to strategize for upcoming marketing opportunities. With less day-to-day travel along with fewer distractions and in-person meetings, using your creativity and energy for current and future plans will yield many benefits. For example, we know trade shows will come back so let’s get ahead of the mad rush and prepare.

Communicating with clients and prospects is a big priority for everyone. Now is the time. You need to tell your story, not let others guess what your company is doing. Letting others tell your story never has good results. One of the first things to check is your website. Is yours up to date? Does it need a refresh? How about media opportunities? Media has a lot of air and print space to fill. Is there something to your story that would interest them?

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