Does anybody remember My Space? It was the forerunner to the social media behemoths we all know – and probably all use – including Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and so many others. My Space is now referred to in past tense as the organization, founded in 2004, has all but disappeared from existence. User-driven at its inception, My Space was the largest social networking site in the world from 2005 to 2008. And then came Facebook. Technically still around, owned by Iowa-based Meredith Corporation, thanks to their purchase of Time, Inc, despite having a huge loss of data due to a botched server move years ago by a former owner and fear of an unreported data breach, it’s more of a history lesson than anything.

How about cursive? The debate rages on regarding whether or not longhand penmanship should be taught to children. My sister-in-law, the brilliant superintendent, was told cursive must be taught and her pithy reply was, “Why?” Instead of penmanship, school kids learn keyboarding and technology. Can it both/and? Of course! Should cursive be mandatory? Probably not. Legibility is essential, not a particular form, in my opinion. I harbor a secret desire to be an expert calligrapher able to hand letter the most intricate, artistic, and impressive works. Since it’s not going to happen, I’m content to follow a couple of experts on Instagram, sighing in appreciation. You should to! They are Seb Lester and Rob Draper. Amazing.

When’s the last time you saw a fresh word cloud? Not so very long ago, these images of relevant terms designed in a cloud-like shape to illustrate messages were de rigueur. So popular, you could find online word cloud generators to create your image. And Facebook would review your posts and generate your own personal word cloud from a particular year’s worth of postings. Alas, the world cloud has vanished, leaving clear, cerulean blue skies for different methods of messaging. Know a good designer to help you meet those needs? I do! In fact, I know two.

At a public relations workshop this week during a discussion of best practices, the follow-up phone call was edged toward insignificance as well. Like me, most folks won’t answer their phone if they don’t know the person calling or at least the number. Thank you, telemarketing industry. Obviously, Do Not Call is failing us! If your digits are in the cell phone you’re dialing, you’re probably in. If not, good luck to you. Your attempt to communicate via conversation is likely a non-starter.

When we think of the long lost, I hope we can create a list of timeless and essential items as well. Gratitude, kindness, good manners, curiosity, responsibility, integrity, honesty, loyalty… Those would make a great word cloud.

I’m grateful for everyone reading this blog and offer my blessings for a Thanksgiving celebration – perhaps more than one – filled with everything and everyone you love.