Think back with us to 1983. Ronald Reagan was president. M*A*S*H’s final episode aired on television. Both Microsoft Word and Mario Bros were introduced to the still new world of personal computers and video game consoles. It was the year Jen was born, before Katie’s time, Ann was a junior in high school, and Barb took the leap to start her own business – a small agency dedicated to telling ag’s story.

Over the years since Heartland Marketing Group was founded, our agency has evolved. From work originally done on kitchen tables to a downtown office and then custom-built facility, the bricks and mortar of HMG have changed. Legal pads, typewriters, correction tape, and single line phones have been replaced by a computer at each desk, sophisticated desktop publishing software, and online presence for our clients and ourselves.

From our home on Main Street in Early, HMG reaches into the corners of the world to share our clients’ messages. Sometimes the media is paper. More often our work resides online where it is part of websites we create or in messages delivered to email inboxes or videos streaming on social media. We write, design, and develop custom-tailored materials using our experience, our passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations, and our desire to be forward-thinking. Integrity and transparency guide each of our interactions.

Many agencies are larger. With size comes impersonal service, slow turn around, and often the least experienced staff handling your critical campaign. At HMG, our intimate office space, small staff, and significant experience all combine to ensure you’re getting our best, every time we go to work for you. You aren’t paying us to learn, you’re leveraging our skills – refined and proven – on your behalf. Our experience not only provides resources and solutions, we have also learned the skill of remaining calm in the face of any storm.

Without question, Amazon is one of the grandest success stories of the present generation. It’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, said, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” What’s true for this behemoth retailer is true for our small shop. We’re all about YOU.

Thank you for trusting us to do our best work for you. For allowing us to tell your story. For understanding a little grey hair, some artfully disguised, means calm in the chaos of a vibrant world where our mission is to meet the trends, move the needle for you, and be your story-telling partner.


We were honored to collaborate with the National Pork Producers Council to write scripts and provide direction for several video projects, including this one on manure.

We are story tellers. In this case, the story is about something unappealing. Yet sharing its value with non-farm audiences is critical for understanding of a beneficial commodity.


In 2001, Barb was president of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) when the tough decision to cancel World Pork Expo was made due to the threat of a significant foreign animal disease – foot-and-mouth disease. So it was déjà vu all over again for HMG when NPPC made the same decision this year to safeguard the pork industry from the threat of African swine fever.

World Pork Expo serves as a highlight of our year with a great deal of strategy development and delivery on resulting tactics for our customers. While we believe NPPC made the right decision for this year, we also know our clients have messages to share with your customers – even if they won’t be gathering at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines next month.

Let us help you develop your World Pork Expo-less strategy for sharing what’s new, what’s better, what’s timely this summer!


Barb and Steve are proud to announce the arrival of their third grandchild, Eli Andrew Determan. Eli was born on May 3 and was warmly welcomed home by parents Andy and Sally as well as siblings Lucy and Archie. Congratulations to all!


Memorial Day honors Americans who have died in service for our country. It is more than just a day off from work or school. HMG will be closed on Monday in observance of this sacred day and we hope you have a special day of remembrance spent with family and friends.