For nearly three decades Heartland Marketing Group has worked with the US 20 Corridor Association to tell their story. Our first mission for the Association was a simple bi-monthly newsletter to inform stakeholders about meetings, progress in advocacy for completion of the highway as a four-lane across Iowa, and to provide a historical record.

Led by volunteers from across the US 20 corridor in Iowa, the Association brought together diverse interests from the development, manufacturing, retail, government and quasi government sectors to share in a common cause. As their efforts grew more intense, more organized, and more strategic, the role Heartland Marketing Group played grew as well.

As the only paid staff for the US 20 Corridor Association, our responsibilities expanded beyond publishing a newsletter to include event planning, lobbying, and message development. With our efforts, the volunteer leaders could direct and advise our work on their behalf to increase the visibility and impact of the Association and still be able to maintain their other commitments.

I grew up just three miles south of US 20 in Ida County. Since I was a child, my parents told me Highway 20 would be a four-lane road. Someday. To be able to work with others as passionate about the project in my career has been an honor and great privilege. As the Association matured and became more effective, my skills and effort on their behalf did as well.

Now, with the completion of statewide four-lane US 20 just days away, I am reminded of all the good people I have worked with in the process. The present leadership of the US 20 Corridor Association – including officers Shirley Phillips, Bob Singer, Mary Gross, and Sharon Irwin – deserve great praise for their determination and persistence. I have enjoyed working with each of them and am grateful I can call them all friends.

Over the years, we have lost several US 20 Corridor Association board members. As we plan to celebrate the completion of years of advocacy, I remember them fondly and know they would be proud of the team who stuck together and will now join together to cut the ribbon on statewide four-lane US 20 on October 19 in Holstein.

For several months, I have been saying Heartland Marketing Group worked itself out of a job. There’s no doubt I will miss the comradery and spirit of the US 20 Corridor Association. There’s also no better testament to success than to see this process come to its good and rightful conclusion.

Heartland Marketing Group has been working closely over the last several weeks with US 20 Corridor Association members and the Iowa Department of Transportation to organize the celebration taking place on October 19 in Holstein. 

All of us at Heartland Marketing Group offer our greatest congratulations to the US 20 Corridor Association for a job well done. Now it is time to revel in success and celebration! We have never been as proud to lose a treasured client.