This past weekend, we received over four inches of badly needed rain. Cracks in the ground have healed and growing things of all kinds are thriving. For me, it means it’s time to mow.

Typically my husband mows though I do like to help. We have a fairly large lot and use self-propelled push mowers for this project. Right now my hubby is on the road so the responsibility is mine and it’s one I enjoy. It’s a great workout despite the self-propelled machinery. And it’s good to see my progress as I make each round, gradually but steadily creating an even, well-manicured lawn.

This feeling of accomplishment is much like my love of list-making. As I prepare for most any project, I make lists to direct my effort and ensure a positive outcome. Checking things off a list is as rewarding as seeing the lawn go from ragged to regular as I mow!

What’s on your lists right now? I hope you have plans for events to grow your success personnally and professionally, nurturing your desire to learn, achieve, and inspire others along the way.

If you need me this evening, you’ll find me in the yard!