I am in my usual post 4th of July panic – summer is almost over!!!! When I was growing up, my Dad used to say the 4th of July meant chopping corn silage was coming along with another cutting and baling of hay. Then all eyes would focus on getting ready for harvest. So I’m trained to believe the 4th of July marks the downhill slide of summer.

Why does this bother me? Well, I always have a long list of items to accomplish each summer – mostly at home, but usually a few extras for the office as well. When our kids were at home and VERY involved in 4-H, the Sac County Fair was the goal line for many of our projects. They showed all kinds of livestock, baked in multitudes of everything, prepared endless presentations, made all sorts of other projects, and Kourtney sewed every year. Goals were a big deal for those years.

When summer rolled around this year, I was determined to set some additional goals to address our house that still has some 4-H days clutter. But wait – I can’t blame all that clutter on my kids. The piles are mine but I just didn’t take the time to handle it while we were so busy with their activities. But here’s my secret – Kourtney moved to Washington, DC, 10 years ago! Oops – where did that time go? Let me just say, I have started on a huge pile in our basement. Progress is slow but started.

Another goal I had was to do something with my husband, Steve. We love to travel but haven’t really made time for it as much as we’d like. When I went to the Western States meeting for US Animal Health Association in Big Sky, Montana, in June, I talked Steve into going with me. We spent an extra day enjoying the beauty of Montana and seeing long-time friends, the Herzogs. What an awesome trip and definitely on our list to see again.

But mostly my summer has been high-jacked by a kitchen remodel. It needed to be done! But oh my! The mess! And with this project came the diversion of sorting and cleaning areas that were not on my original list for summer 2018. I can’t believe the stuff that was stacked up in my kitchen and it’s not like I never clean kitchen cupboards. Obviously, it was not as often as I should have.

How does all of this contribute to my post 4th of July panic? Well it’s the end of July. I’m not very far on the basement pile BUT the kitchen remodel will be complete in days and I can start refilling cupboards – just not as full, I hope! It’s like a 4-H project – sometimes we have to adjust those goals. And maybe I’ll use Labor Day as my new goal line this year instead of July 4th.