By Ann Trimble-Ray

Growing up, my Mom would often say, “You’re so independent!” I’m not sure she meant it as a compliment! She was referring to my penchant for doing my own thing, finding my own solutions, and developing new skills in the process. While I was wired to be independent as a teen and young adult, the perspective of time has allowed me to appreciate the value of a team and collaboration. And we have a great team at HMG!

Over the last few weeks, the team at HMG has developed and perfected eblast campaigns, newsletters, digital and print ads, articles, press releases, trade show materials, and proposals to gain more business. What each one of us could do on our own is amplified and made amazing with our collaborative effort to offer the best marketing communications services we can.

HMG also applies the concept of teamwork to relating with our customers! We envision our clients as members of the same team, all of us working together to achieve goals, and tell unique stories. During World Pork Expo, HMG was proud to be part of the Novus International, Huvepharma, and Swine Health Information Center teams. We stepped up and stepped in to help each of our clients maximize their presence and reach during this 30th annual event.

As we now prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday on Independence Day next week, we do so remembering the blessing of our freedom as citizens of this great nation is made better because we have developed strong, long-lasting, and fruitful relationships – at HMG and with our clients.

Thanks for being part of our team. We are honored and pleased to help you tell your story!


The team at HMG engaged in a team-building adventure on June 19. Barb, Ann, Katie, and Jen all went to a greeting card making class here in Early!

Hosted by Cary Brown, the class gave us the opportunity to make six unique and beautiful cards. We expanded our skills, enjoyed each other’s company in a relaxed setting, and ended up with great cards we can send to friends and family.

Our day jobs require similar creativity and effort though this was a fun way to grow beyond our normal routine and see how Cary’s card-making processes including stamps, embossing and debossing, die-cutting, gluing, taping, folding, layering, and heat embossing work.

We had a great time!