How many of us wear too many hats? I know it’s a feeling I have way too often. We have our jobs, families, volunteer or community responsibilities, professional alliances – the list goes on and on.

The hats I wear represent a wide range of responsibilities and, thankfully, fun as well. Today as I write this blog, I am attending a meeting on behalf of the US Animal Health Association as their president. These meetings are technical and tough for me as a layman to understand ALL the science behind our many animal health issues, concerns, and massive efforts to keep our US herds clean. But I have to admit the challenge keeps me on my toes.

With today’s technology, we all work no matter where we are. We can answer our email, catch our phone calls, even plan some great events. But if you are like me, getting back to the office and touching base with our team is very important. Not only is it important to make sure all of our projects are moving forward and we are providing needed input and direction, but it’s enjoyable to catch up with everyone because we have a great team.

Over the next weekend I’ll be wearing another one of my fun hats as a 4-H leader. Our monthly meeting with 32 energetic young people makes me laugh and not take myself too seriously. I truly enjoy their outlook on life.

When we wear all these hats, it’s hard to balance all of the requirements for each role. It may be in the materials we are reading, listening to or even watching. Something catches your attention and off you go in another direction. Hey! Look! There goes a rabbit!! Gosh, I hope I’m not the only who does this.

So how do you handle all the hats you wear? Share your tips! I’d love to learn!