Do you ever feel stuck in your job, community or life in general – doing the same old things, the same old way? Sometimes we feel like we’re in such a rut we can’t even see our surroundings. This is where the value of learning new skills, interests, or seeing new places can really make a difference in your attitude and outlook.

I have a friend who terms herself a lifelong learner. She says when she gets bored she tackles a new project or learns a new skill. And she also laughs that she has a long enough list she could live to 180 years old and not run out! She is so upbeat and excited about whatever comes up, she has very few bad days.

So how does this work at your job or company? I look around our office and see our staff learning new skills every day. The technology changes constantly challenge each of us to find a better way to do projects. We are also always looking for new and better ways to tell our clients’ stories. Even though some of us have been out of college a long time (me more than the rest of our HMG crew), there’s always something new to learn.

The other way we stay lifelong learners is not technology alone, it’s other industries, the way they communicate or tell their stories – more lessons to be learned. Sometimes it’s conversations with others in or out of our field. They often relate stories of things going on in their jobs or industries we can tweak and use in ours. It’s keeping our eyes, ears and minds open to the new possibilities.

My many years of volunteer work in agriculture has taught me so many lessons I can’t even document them all. New people, new ways of looking at situations, new discussions about old situations – these all have helped me to continue to learn.

Come to think of it – I might categorize myself as a lifelong learner. What would you like to learn?