When we ask this question, we don’t want you to picture a frazzled mom with hands on her hips addressing her petulant tween. We know you have the image in your mind!

Instead, we want you to think about the bottlenecks you face. Community opposition. Misinformation. Rumors. Overcoming these bottlenecks requires telling your story so all stakeholders understand your point of view, have the facts, and become part of your team.

Heartland Marketing Group has long been in the business of advocacy. For over 25 years we have worked with the US Highway 20 Association and their efforts to see statewide four-lane US 20 completed across Iowa. Those advocacy efforts paid off when the project was scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

More recently, HMG assisted the Iowa Pork Producers Association with advocacy on behalf of Prestage Foods as they sought approval to build their state-of-the-art pork processing facility in Wright County. This team effort included not only our client but other stakeholders with a grassroots messaging effort.

We are currently working for a northeast Iowa family farm as they work to tell their story of success and innovation in pork production and crop farming. Without accurate information about livestock production, these fifth generation farmers find themselves needing to provide education, reassurance, and leadership.

In too many cases, companies prefer to run under the radar and not make waves. When there is a void of information, it will be filled and if not by you, it will be by your competitors and detractors. Fill the void with a strategic communication plan including personal contacts, media relations, social media, and advertising.

Tell your story! We can help you craft the plan, provide the tools, and implement a successful marketing communications campaign.

For the US 20 Association, advocacy was a decades-long proposition. In other cases, it’s a few intense weeks. No matter the length of time necessary, the results are worth the investment in time and resources.


Congratulations to Steve and Barb on celebrating 35 years together on September 26.

We wish you many more years of joy, unity, and commitment.

– Ann, Katie, and Jen