Barb has expanded her skill set and as a result, HMG has expanded its repertoire! Drawing on her breadth of experience Barb now offers her services as a moderator for events including webinars and panel discussions. Recently, Barb acted as moderator for Novus International during World Pork Expo as they introduced Project Horizon, their antibiotic free production commitment, to the industry. Barb introduced speakers, shared remarks and asked follow-up questions of presenters. Working with the folks at Pork Network, Barb has hosted webinars for them on a variety of topics.

Do you need a thoughtful, informed, and skilled moderator for an event or webinar? Contact HMG and Barb will be happy to discuss your needs and how she can help you make the most of your next event!


We live in a culture dominated by the expectation of productivity and busyness. Each day can feel like a race. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure anyone wins!

Seth Godin, marketing guru, wrote on this topic in his blog this week. He said, “Some things are races, but not many. A race is a competition in which the point is to win. You’re not supposed to enjoy the ride, learn anything or make your community better. You’re supposed to win.”

His premise describes our desire to do more and achieve more without actually being more for ourselves, our families, or our world. “…so many things are clearly not races. And when we treat life that way, we cheat our customers, the people we seek to serve, as well as ourselves,” he stated.

Godin’s reminder to be intentional about how we program our days and order our lives is timely. It’s important to seek balance in all things.

Life’s meant to be savored and appreciated. As Godin pointed out, we should enjoy, learn, and do good. Let’s be better about that this summer and always.


HMG has been busy working with our client, Congressman Steve King, as he successfully won his primary on June 7 earning over 65 percent of the vote. Barb, Ann, and Katie were at World Pork Expo last week working with Novus International to help them achieve their goals while also checking on clients Barn Vista and Ag Property Solutions in booths we designed and delivered for them.

Jen attended Aspinwall Coop’s annual meeting where results were shared, achievements celebrated, and plans revealed.

On June 25, Ann will travel to Forest City where our customer, Farmers Coop Association, will celebrate its centennial with many events and much joy.

We’re writing proposals and always looking for new opportunities to help good people and great organizations tell their stories.


Can you tell us what those numbers mean? They’re important to HMG!

  • Jen has been with HMG for 1 year.
  • Katie has been on the team for 2 years.\
  • Ann’s tenure stretches 28 years.
  • And Barb founded this still growing, changing, and evolving business 33 years ago.

And we’re all here for you, putting our experience, enthusiasm, and creativity to work to help you tell your story. Thank you!