We all know someone who fits the description of curmudgeonly – a sourpuss whose temperament is perpetually negative. With an outlook focused ever downward and a never joyful attitude, they suck the life out of every interaction.

We also know people who are perpetually cordial. (Hopefully many more cordial than curmudgeonly!) These folks make interactions happier and, likely, more successful due to their positive mindset.

Are your marketing communications better described as curmudgeonly or cordial? Particularly in times of challenge or chaos, it becomes easy to slip into a negative point-of-view and this message resonates with customers and prospects through your contacts, particularly social media.

One outstanding strategy for maintaining an upbeat, positive, and focused social media interaction is to plan at least a week at a time. Even better would be a monthly calendar for your social media messaging program.

When messages are preplanned, organized, and set to coincide with seasonally appropriate events with your company, many benefits are realized:

  • Consistent, timely messaging
  • Coordinated communications on events
  • Carefully crafted positive tone

Heartland Marketing Group would be happy to work with you on a marketing communications audit to review your present practices and messaging, then provide recommendations for a successful structure with social media and all the other interactions you have. Or ones you should have but don’t now!

Ask us about trading in curmudgeonly for cordial!


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