A couple of us are major baseball fans here at Heartland Marketing. In fact, Ann and I will figure out a way to see several major league games each season. You won’t be surprised to learn Opening Day on Sunday was like a national holiday for us. What’s not to like about season openers? What’s not to like about a fresh start?

Many people set their yearly goals, resolutions, or whatever you want to call them in January but don’t overlook spring as a great time for a fresh start. Cleaning out the closet for spring clothes – that’s a great fresh start at my house. So tired of these black pants and blazers!

Being based in northwest Iowa, spring season means warmer weather and a fresh start for me. I love warmer weather, brighter colors, better roads to drive on – do I need to go on?

But the best part of warm weather and a fresh start is my outlook on business. I love to travel to clients, reach out at industry meetings, and check out everyone’s plans for spring through summer. I enjoy planning with our clients to make sure they are using resources the best way possible and telling their stories.

Opening Day of baseball season – a fresh start to the season – that’s how I look at it. What’s your view on the fresh start of spring?