As the snow melts into memories, birds fill the air, the days grow longer, and we look forward to the spring season and all that it brings.

Your team at Heartland Marketing Group has been busy springing into action with our many, wonderful, and diverse clients. From tradeshow items, brochures, and newsletters to websites, newspaper ads, and postcards. We do it all at HMG! We continue to cater to our clients while keeping up to date with the latest tricks and tools available to us. Stop in to see us, email, or call – we would love to help you!


Barb is the first Vice President of the US Animal Health Association and recently met with the group in Washington, DC. USAHA is a science-based, non-profit, voluntary organization. Barb represents the livestock industry on behalf of the National Pork Producers Council, the National Pork Board, and serves with others representing the depth and breadth of livestock production organizations in the nation. USAHA’s mission is to prevent, control and eliminate livestock diseases which they say cost producers about $1 billion annually.

Ann recently represented the US 20 Association by making a presentation on four-lane US 20 progress to the Storm Lake Noon Kiwanis. She has done this the last four years and was happy to tell them the project will be complete by the end of calendar year 2018. HMG recommends you follow the latest by visiting the Iowa Department of Transportation’s website for the project.


Many of us have Easter memories and activities that we partake in over the holiday. Our team wanted to share a few of our favorites with you!

“When growing up our family always attended Easter Sunrise Services followed by breakfast at the church. Then we would go home, do all our livestock chores and head to Easter Sunday dinner at one of my grandparents. After we married and had children we continued the same traditions. We added an after dinner Easter Egg Hunt with cousins that was great fun. Many years we hosted the Easter dinner at our home for both sides of the family. We loved it.”
– Barb Determan

“When I was growing up, Easter meant a basket with a chocolate bunny and jelly beans along with new underwear. My folks were nothing if not pragmatic. We also went to worship together and then to my maternal grandmother’s home for a big family dinner. After getting married, attending worship was still a priority but our celebration changed depending on my husband’s schedule as a 911 dispatcher. Whether with family or dear friends, we would share a meal at some point, often brunch.”
– Ann Trimble-Ray

“My family in Ohio has an Easter egg dying contest complete with a ridiculous trophy and all! It gets quite competitive, fun, and silly! An “official” judging takes place and the winner takes home the trophy, bragging rights, and a lot of heat from the losers.“
– Katie Kaufman

“My fondest childhood Easter memory is my mother hiding our Easter baskets filled with goodies somewhere in the house. In the morning, before sunrise service, my siblings and I would race through the house to try to find our own basket. Once found, I would sneak a few chocolate candy pieces and then go to church with a sugar rush.”
– Jen Hoaglund

We hope you enjoy many memories and activities this Easter season!