Teamwork certainly is a theme these past few weeks of winter. From the Super Bowl to smaller events and the workload each day, teamwork played an important role.

Last weekend’s Super Bowl brought a whole new definition to teamwork. We heard all about the new young superstar quarterback and the legend for days on end. We heard unique stories about the coaches and how they made history coaching in the Super Bowl. But in the end, it was a team effort, especially from Denver’s defense, that prevailed.

Events take an incredible amount of teamwork. In January I was involved in a conference for women engaged in agriculture. Our 12th Annual Women in Denim Conference was held in Storm Lake, Iowa (2016 WID Committee pictured above). Nearly 300 ladies attended to hear two great main event speakers, choose from 25 breakout sessions, and spend time with other women involved in our industry. This entire event is planned with nine volunteers. That’s right, nine women who raise the money, line up the speakers, do the publicity, maintain the website, organize the vendors, register the participants, finds lots of door prizes, etc., etc., etc. all on their own time. That is definitely a teamwork example in action!

Our home has been a smaller but no less important example of teamwork this past month. Normally, my husband helps out lots in the winter and summer when I’m particularly busy with work and activities. Then I try to pick up the extra load in the spring and fall – during that very busy farm time of planting and harvest! But this past January, Steve had his second knee replacement. Wow – if he wanted to prove how much he does in the winter – he definitely found a way. Getting laundry done, food cooked, and millions of errands run without his help was an exercise in endurance. Definitely proved to me we utilize teamwork extensively in our home.

This brings me to the area where the most teamwork and coverage happened. Heartland Marketing! There is a reason we use the Twitter handle @YourTeamHMG – we practice it every day. We work together to complete projects, cover for each other if you happen to be out of the office, and do the best we can to serve our clients. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow us on Twitter, FaceBook or LinkedIn. We try to share new information each day.

And more importantly I want to say a big THANK YOU to our team at HMG because they got involved in all of these events and opportunities – whether they wanted to or not! Thanks for being a huge part of our team and showing others how teamwork happens.