As carols and traditional songs fill the air, decorations brighten our lives, and the spirit of goodwill abounds, we look forward to celebrating Christmas.

Again in 2015, Heartland Marketing Group purchased ground pork and delivered it to our local food pantry where it was included in gift baskets distributed to those in need. We understand the anxiety of food insecurity and how prevalent it is, even here in the Midwest. Our gift of ground pork is made in our customers’ names and takes place of traditional gifting.

We are especially grateful for our customers and their trust in us to help them tell their stories. We strive to develop creative, effective marketing communications materials using a variety of means to reach the right audiences. We also continue to grow our skill sets, embrace new media, and offer the best service possible.

We hope your Christmas is a joyful combination of family, friends, and celebrations.


We all have favorite Christmas traditions, memories, and experiences. Just as Facebook offered all of us their version of our Year in Review, we at HMG share our favorites from Christmases past and present.

“Our traditions have changed dramatically over the years with family changes. As I’ve grown older, the important thing is to get our family together, it doesn’t matter which day and I still love to bake all the once-a-year goodies. Some of the goodies include favorites from both sides of the family and a few we’ve added over our married life.”
– Barb Determan

“Christmastime is my favorite season; we gather to celebrate the most important date of the Christian year with friends, family, and in worship. In fact, Christmas means so much to me, my husband and I chose to be married on December 24th. This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary!”
– Ann Trimble-Ray

“My family has many Christmas traditions, but this year we will begin a new one. Christmas BINGO! Gifts will be wrapped and placed in the middle of the table and traditional style BINGO will be played to win the presents! It should be an interesting, fun, and loud experience!”
– Katie Kaufman

“A tradition between my husband and I has been to exchange Christmas tree ornaments each year. Each ornament is a symbol of our year in review. We have ornaments for favorite sports team, purchasing our first home, and our first summer camping. This year we have added wedding and Colorado honeymoon ornaments.”
– Jen Hoaglund

We hope you get to enjoy all your traditions, favorites, and make new memories this year!