Ann’s grandson, Ethan, and his class presented an “informance” at their school this month and their theme was gratitude. The second graders sang an infectious tune called, “I’ve Got a Gratitude Attitude” and in it they asked, “What are you grateful for?”

We’re prone to thinking and over-thinking about the negative in our lives leaving little brain power for counting our blessings. When you cultivate a gratitude attitude, you will find it empowers and uplifts you, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Author Adam Toren wrote about gratitude in a post at and he suggests a gratitude attitude inspires three game-changing shifts.

  1. Gratitude shifts your mindset
  2. Gratitude creates solutions
  3. Gratitude is contagious!

All three of these changes are the result of escaping negative thinking for positive and making the change because you intentionally acknowledge the good with gratitude. Shifting to a gratitude attitude affects every aspect of your life as you take control and escape a defeating problem mindset.

So Ethan and his classmates asked, “What are you grateful for?” Here are the blessings shared by all of us at HMG.


  1. My family including granddaughter, Lucy
  2. My faith
  3. Our HMG team


  1. Good health personally and for my family
  2. Peace, joy, and contentment
  3. The promise of new adventures


  1. My niece and nephews (family)
  2. My close friendships
  3. Music


  1. My husband
  2. My family
  3. My community

This Thanksgiving season, go out and infect as many people as you can with a gratitude attitude and watch joy multiply!


One of our customers is Farmers Coop Association in north central Iowa and General Manager Randy Broesder has been in the grain business for 30 years. He believes this will be the largest harvest he sees in his career.

As you drive around the Midwest, you see evidence supporting Randy’s statement with large outdoor piles of corn as well as constant movement of grain on our roadways and rail lines. The length of the harvest season is another indicator of the volume being handled.

The USDA weekly crop report said, “By November 1, producers had harvested 85 percent of this year’s corn crop. By week’s end (November 7), 92 percent of the soybean crop was harvested.” The conclusion of this record year is in sight.

Are the results of 2015 an anomaly or the new normal? How do you use this year’s results to make decisions for 2016?

Every plan – whether for grain marketing, seed decisions, financial planning, or communications strategies – must take into account both the recent and historical information available. Celebrate the success experience in 2015 and look ahead with optimism while armed with multi-year averages and a healthy dose of pragmatism.

We’re glad to know one thing – it’s much easier to look ahead with a positive mindset when your vantage point is from a record-setting production year.


Barb recently attended the US Animal Health Association Annual Conference in Rhode Island.

Jen and her new husband, Todd, were married on October 31 in Denison then spent their honeymoon in Colorado. Congratulations to the couple!

The Final Forty (miles) of statewide four-lane US 20 are programmed and will be built by the end of 2018. Iowa DOT will hold an event marking this milestone on November 17 in both Fort Dodge and Sioux City.

Congressman Steve King’s campaign held their annual Col. Bud Day Pheasant Hunt on opening weekend – it was a record crowd of hunters, media, and presidential candidates! Barb prepared lunch for everyone Saturday featuring amazing smoked pork loin.

Women in Denim will be held in January 2016. Barb and the committee are deep into planning and Katie is making the brochure for the event look great!


As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we will observe the following schedule.

November 26 – closed
November 27 – closed

We hope you have a joyful holiday spent with loved ones with a gratitude attitude!