HMG has been featuring information on how popular emojis have become in our social media posts this week. The data we’re sharing, published originally at adweek.com, details just how common emoji use has become and we’re not surprised.Smile Emoji

One of my pet peeves is expressionless texting. Even before emojis were available I used exclamation points, creative capitalization, and home-made emojis (ie: : ) and : ( ) to be sure my tone and intentions were clearly communicated.

Some of the more straight-laced among us may see emojis as cartoonish and even immature. I will argue they are tools to give words more meaning, life, and flare! And until they invent a sarcasm font, we can use emojis to be sure a caustic remark made in good humor is taken for what it is instead of offending the reader.

There are certainly right and wrong places to use emojis, however, I believe they add a layer of meaning to the written word viewed on a screen – from the screen of a phone to a computer monitor.

Tell your story! Use words. And when possible, embellish with emojis to make it stand out!