In an article on a Des Moines man – a Father’s Day tribute – we learned he determined he was not going to drive. He believed there were too many activities required at one time for it to be a safe endeavor – steering, accelerating, braking, etc. This was the 1930s when cars were so very simple as compared to today’s vehicles with extensive technology!

While the hero of the Father’s Day tribute had a successful life and career despite not driving, he missed out on the benefits of being behind the wheel.

Social media has become more than a fringe tool for customer and prospect engagement. In fact, 22 percent of Americans use social networking sites several times per day! Are you missing the benefits of being behind the wheel of a productive social media strategy?

Using social media to share your message requires a commitment of time and resources. At HMG, we have been building our own social media presence and hope you’re following us on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Here are a few tips we can offer based on our experience.

  1. Create a social media message calendar so you’re not struggling daily with creating a message
  2. Re-post the same message more than once a day
  3. Involve your entire staff in the process gathering ideas in a central spot or with one person
  4. Ask for customer feedback and engagement in your messaging

For business-to-business interaction, rely more heavily on Twitter and LinkedIn. For business-to-customer focused messaging, Facebook and Google+ are the more popular platforms.

social mediaConsider how committing to a social media messaging plan will impact your daily activities and when you decide to go all-in, include communications in your traditional methods for letting your audience know you’re on social media!

Whether you start small with one daily message on one platform or go big right away, you will be heading in the right direction. also tells us 45 to 54 year olds are the fastest growing segment in social media and 47 percent of users said Facebook influenced their buying decisions. If you’re not driving your message on social media, you’re missing out!

Heartland Marketing Group is here to help you put it all together!



Over the last two weeks, HMG has developed a series of infographics to tell our story. Have you see them on social media? With an infographic, you are able to communicate your message with images. Perfectly suited for social media, you share a complex message in a concise way. One glance at an infographic grabs the reader’s interest and they are more likely to pause to get all the details than reading a paragraph – or two – of text. Ask us how we can help you tell your story with infographics!