Companies will update their logos throughout the years to give their brand a new edge or a refreshing new look. They do this to make their company more relevant. If your logo falls under one of these logo warning signs, it is time for an update.

1. It Doesn’t Work Across All Mediums

You love your logo on your business cards, but it isn’t successful on your website. That is a problem. Having a logo that translates over to both print and web is ideal. Also important is to have a logo that can convert seamlessly to not only color but in black and white. Having a logo that is flexible across all background strengthens your branding magnitude.

2. It Doesn’t Communicate the Correct Look & Feel

Does your logo communicate your brand effectively. Your logo is what your brand elements are centered around. It is the head honcho so your consumers need to be able to identify with it. If you have a new age technology business, your logo should be modern. Thinking about how your potential customers will perceive your logo is important.

3. It Wasn’t Professionally Created

If you had your cousin’s friend’s sister design your logo because she had a clip art cd from 2005, you need a new logo. Design professionals have specific schooling and backgrounds for this industry so trust them. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about hurt feeling if you don’t like the logo created.

4. It Is Clutter City

Logos come in all shapes and sizes. Having a logo that includes a lot of small details can turn into a messy ink blob on small mediums like business cards. You logo doesn’t have to be minimal, bus some level of simplicity is usually welcome and easily remembered. You may want to go overboard adding in graphic elements, but always ask yourself, “Does this help or hinder the design?”

5. It’s Hard To Read

Ask random people what your logo reads. Using a fancy unreadable font is a popular factor in an illegible logo, but not the only one. Thin outlines and heavy shadows can be culprits too.

Other things to consider: