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Companies will update their logos throughout the years to give their brand a new edge or a refreshing new look. They do this to make their company more relevant. If your logo falls under one of these logo warning signs, it is time for an update.

1. It Doesn’t Work Across All Mediums

You love your logo on your business cards, but it isn’t successful on your website. That is a problem. Having a logo that translates over to both print and web is ideal. Also important is to have a logo that can convert seamlessly to not only color but in black and white. Having a logo that is flexible across all background strengthens your branding magnitude.

2. It Doesn’t Communicate the Correct Look & Feel

Does your logo communicate your brand effectively. Your logo is what your brand elements are centered around. It is the head honcho so your consumers need to be able to identify with it. If you have a new age technology business, your logo should be modern. Thinking about how your potential customers will perceive your logo is important.

3. It Wasn’t Professionally Created

If you had your cousin’s friend’s sister design your logo because she had a clip art cd from 2005, you need a new logo. Design professionals have specific schooling and backgrounds for this industry so trust them. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about hurt feeling if you don’t like the logo created.

4. It Is Clutter City

Logos come in all shapes and sizes. Having a logo that includes a lot of small details can turn into a messy ink blob on small mediums like business cards. You logo doesn’t have to be minimal, bus some level of simplicity is usually welcome and easily remembered. You may want to go overboard adding in graphic elements, but always ask yourself, “Does this help or hinder the design?”

5. It’s Hard To Read

Ask random people what your logo reads. Using a fancy unreadable font is a popular factor in an illegible logo, but not the only one. Thin outlines and heavy shadows can be culprits too.

Other things to consider:

HMG Heartbeat




Heartland Marketing Group will be closed on Friday, July 3, as our country celebrates her 239th birthday. Happy Independence Day and thank you to all who serve to preserve our freedom!


We were recently asked the question, “What does Heartland Marketing Group have to offer that I can’t find at other marketing outfits?” What a loaded question with so many answers. We will answer that question today just in case you’re wondering, too!

Experience, knowledge, expertise, creativity, and the list goes on. Where should we begin? Let’s start with experience. Barb has been in the marketing and communication business as an agency owner since 1983, that’s a long time. Not long after, Ann came and joined the team. Between Barb, Ann, and all the staff at Heartland Marketing, we have a combined total of 80 years of experience. That is a lot of years building expertise in communication, marketing, sales, design, events, branding, website development, media relations and more.

Next, the office is full of knowledge. Not only knowledge in marketing and communications, but also in the world of agriculture, media, and politics. We are located in the heart and soul of agriculture in the country, and Barb has the connections to maximize her knowledge. From helping in the operations on her very own farm, serving on national boards including the National Pork Producers Council and the US Animal Health Association, to raising awareness about issues in the agriculture industry, Barb has a wealth of knowledge. At the same time, Ann has an abundance of information and contacts in the media and the political arena. This is important as we can position you effectively and strategically as you deal with issues, fight for solutions, or position yourself in front of the right audience for peak performance. Our knowledge is here for you and will be an asset to accomplish your goals.

Now, expertise. Expertise is expert skill or knowledge, which can be mastered through experience and knowledge, which you saw we have got a lot of. At Heartland Marketing Group you will find expertise in marketing, advertising, web design, social media, agriculture, media, sales, communication, events, branding, and more. We are a one stop shop if you are looking for one or all areas of expertise.

Let’s also touch on creativity. We have two graphic designers who are efficient, effective, and most importantly creative. Jen and Katie are always looking for ways to keep our projects fresh, new, and up-to-date in the design world. They are constantly looking for ways to better their skills, ultimately bettering their designs each and every day.

Lastly, we give back to our community, state, and nation. We have all the following in our office: 4-H Leader, a member of the Judicial Nominating Commission, Kiron Heritage Association President, RAGBRAI volunteer, a member of the US Animal Health Association Board, food pantry donors, church members, statewide church committee members, community volunteers, and countless other roles. Yes, all of these things with just our staff of four. We believe in serving those in need as well as our customers. While you support HMG, you also support our volunteer efforts.

Okay, you get the picture – we have got it all! We are here to serve you, and we are here to do the best job possible in order to reach your goals. We have what other companies do not, and we are proud of that. Next time you have a project in mind, please keep us in mind and be confident in your choice to choose Heartland Marketing Group as your go to firm.

In the meantime, enjoy summer and the outdoors!



We wish Kelli the best as she moves on from her part-time position with us at HMG to work more closely with her husband on their expanding farm business. We appreciate Kelli’s insights and assistance in building our own social media presence as well as her unending enthusiasm.