What people think about your company begins with a first impression which often comes from your visual identity. Make sure that first impression is positive and lasting with great design. Then nurture it with consistent, creative, and evolving representations of your brand.

Great design isn’t just about flashy effects online or fancy graphics. Design can evoke emotions and create unforgettable visual experiences. And effective, imaginative design also provides clarity as it results in a lasting picture in the viewer’s mind.

We see too many documents, ads, and electronic elements filled with heavy content. Good design will help present content in usable, readable portions illustrated with appropriate visual assets to improve understanding. Plus, design creates a call to action whether it’s to sign up for communications, make a purchase, or re-enforce loyalty!

No company is too small nor too large to be aware of how design impacts its presence in the marketplace. Design will represent your goals, mission, and brand value. Design should not be static. It should not be “good enough.”

The world is made up of left-brain and right-brain thinkers. Where left-brainers lean toward written analytical cues, right-brain thinkers relay heavily on visualization and imagery. This is why instructions usually come with diagrams! Appeal to all the thinkers with your visual identity.

Heartland Marketing Group has two outstanding designers on our team. Katie and Jen will help you communicate visually with exciting design for print and electronic media.

Don’t be boring! Be bold and beautiful. We can help.

Our customers at The Roland L. Geyer Agency wanted to update their website to be responsive and have a fresh face. We were happy to help them achieve these goals. Their newly responsive and updated site went live on June 22, 2015.